Install a BrioWave Smart Energy Management Controller on your pool today and start saving up to 70%

The BrioWave Smart Energy Controller is the wave of the future, the only pool control device you will ever need.  It keeps your pool running at its best, giving you total control over all components and functions to save you money. The BrioWave seamlessly balances the supply and demand of electricity in order to reduce energy costs and protect you from peak time-of-use pricing.  It will even communicate with your utility’s smart meter if you choose that option. Equally important, BrioWave’s pool entrapment sensing technology can help save lives by automatically shutting off the pump if it detects an obstruction.

BrioWave technology is simple to use!

Plug N Play technology. Under the hood is a lightning-fast Atmel processor, enough flash memory to hold over 30,000 lines of tough tested code, a motherboard that’s been tested in the rigorous environment of the tropics, endured freezing temperatures in the northern U.S. and withstood blazing hot summers across the plains.  BrioWave is versatile, powerful, intelligent and more than capable of handling the toughest pool filtration jobs on the planet.


BrioWave technology automatically adjusts your pools filtration, no matter what day it is, or season of the year, it saves you money.

  • Works with all single speed pumps.
  • Works with all dual speed pumps.
  • Single speed motors up to 40% savings.
  • Dual speed motors up to 70% savings
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Home-owner and pool tech friendly.  BrioWave Smart Energy Management controllers can be installed in new and retrofit locations.

  • Easy to use technology.
  • Home owner and pool tech friendly.
  • Internal battery saves settings.
  • Dynamically adjusts filtration.
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Peace of mind

Not only does it save you money, BrioWave entrapment logic can sense an obstruction in the pool’s filtration line potentially saving lives

  • 2 year warranty
  • CSA Certified
  • Set and forget technology
  • Protects your investment
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Here’s what our customers say about BrioWave Smart Energy Management Controllers

My BrioWave Pool controller keeps my pool sparkling clean and has saved me 42% off my entire energy bill. To get this kind of savings, we would have had to spend $20,000 or more on a solar system

- Jeannette

My BrioWave pool controller works with my solar system to reduce my energy bill and keep my pool sparkling clean, I love it!

- Shayna

The technology is wonderful, my customers are enjoying immediate savings and they don’t have to do a thing!

- Rick

My energy bill dropped by nearly 50% after installing BrioWave technology. My pool is clean and I am realizing savings!

- Glenn

Six reasons why you need a BrioWave Controller for your pool


Can pay for itself in as little as one year – If you have a single speed motor, you can realize up to 40% savings, and if you have a dual speed pump, you can get up to 70%.  That’s cash in your pocket


Keeps you out of time of use pricing – BrioWave technology is built to prevent you from paying the high tiered costs associated with time of use utility rate pricing.  Use energy smarter


Entrapment logic can save lives – Prevent circulation entrapment.  Each BrioWave device comes standard with our own proprietary entrapment logic that kills the pump in the event of entrapment.


Freeze mode protects your equipment – Our proprietary algorithm prevents damage associated with freezing conditions and is smart enough to still save you money!


Works with solar to amplify savings – Savings up to 70% is incredible, but BrioWave can save you even more by working with your solar setup to consume energy when energy production is at it highest.


BrioWave is made by Attune – Our technology has endured the worst environmental conditions on record with a 0% fail rate and consistently delivered savings.  We are obsessed with perfection, why settle for anything less?


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