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Custom Controls

Specializing in the integration, interfacing and development of controls for motors, pumps, compressors, heating elements and more to achieve targeted results. 

  • Embedded Firmware Development
  • Circuit Board Design and Development
  • Enclosure Design and Development
  • Product Testing & Certification
BrioWave Smart Energy Manager

Energy Management

Developing and proving bullet proof strategies and sound concepts that deliver and result in energy efficiency and savings through energy management. 

  • Energy Auditing
  • Demand Response Solutions
  • Troubleshooting & Electrical Analysis
  • Control Panel Design & Development
Customized User Interfaces

Solar Installations

Accurately diagnose demand energy and energy consumption in an effort to build real time connectivity of energy generation and energy consuming devices. 

  • Sizing and Quotation
  • Energy Auditing and Recording
  • Ongoing Maintenance & Care
  • “Boots on the Roof” certified
Professional Installations & Maintenance


Demand Energy – Utilities are currently, and will continue, to struggle with delivering enough electrical power when demand energy is at its threshold.  Electricity interruptions are the result which cause an interruption in the utilities revenue stream, and at the very least a major inconvenience to their customers.


Peak Time Usage – Electricity consumption is typically at its highest during the afternoon hours.  During this time the Utilities decision rooms can become very active.  Do they interrupt power to some of their customers, or buy more energy at premium rates from electricity generators? The answer is, whatever helps their bottom line!


Solar, Efficiency & The Utility – Utilities promote and offer incentives for solar and energy efficient products in an effort to minimize financial loses associated with instances of high demand usage.  Solar benefits the utility substantially more than the consumer, as solar produces electricity at the time the Utility needs it most.


How Can You Benefit – ENERGY MANAGEMENT IS KEY.  Consumers need to invest in products that allow them to manage their own energy consumption dynamically and effortlessly.  Solar, if used properly, can be a big part of the solution only when connected with energy management devices.


What You Need To Do – Consumers need to understand what appliances / devices at their home are the biggest culprits associated with high energy cost.  Installing devices that effectively manage their HVAC ( air conditioning ), and swimming pool circulation pump in most cases is the answer.


The Goal – Consumers need to empower themselves by taking simple cost effective steps in managing their energy consumption.  Energy management is the goal of the utility to control their cost, it needs to be the goal of the consumer!  Contact Attune RTD and we will put the POWER in your hands.


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