Start Saving With BrioWEMS & Solar Power For Wells!

Lock In Low Electricity Rates

Solar Power for your well pump can reduce your electricity bill.  Installing a BrioWEMS Solar Power Well Energy Management System can eliminate your electricity bill associated with your well pump.  Only a BrioWEMS (Well Energy Management System) controller installed with solar power can reduce your energy consumption from the grid and keep you from paying the high electricity costs associated with “Tiered” and “Time of Use” pricing schedules from the utility provider.

BrioWEMS patented state of the art printed circuit board controllers are smart energy management controllers designed and developed exclusively by Attune RTD engineers in Palm Springs, California.

BrioWEMS controllers are manufactured in Wisconsin by one of the most reputable components providers with project engineers that have an average of 16 years of experience in microprocessor and micro-controller hardware and software design, and test engineers with an average of 20 years of experience with in-depth expertise in-circuit, functional and CheckSum MDA testing.

Our partners are certified ISO 9001, Utilizing IPC-A-610 workmanship standards.  Each newly minted BrioWEMS circuit board is then assembled and tested at our facilities in Palm Springs, CA.

BrioWEMS controllers are built to last and to withstand the harshest environmental conditions and come standard with a two year limited warranty.

Attune RTD provides comprehensive solar power and energy management solutions in Palm Springs, California with full product life cycle support to ensure your project always has the right team and proper mix of services.

BrioWEMS controllers are CSA certified and can be configured to communicate with the Smart Meter through its ZigBee interface.  All BrioWEMS devices come standard with a dipole antenna and WI-FI module to communicate through your home network’s router to an optional dashboard.

BrioWEMS controllers are configured to collaborate with solar to allow your system to consume the energy it produces at peak production periods when it makes good economic sense for you and not just for the utility provider.

Attune RTD can provide the engineering and development services from A through Z,  for any size solar power system large or small, residential and commercial.  Attune RTD doesn’t lay claim to being the largest solar company in Palm Springs, however, we do lay claim to being the smartest and most innovative company providing the best alternative energy management solutions in the desert your money can buy.

Every Attune RTD installed Solar Power System comes standard with its own virtual dashboard in the cloud that reports each solar panels output independently, as well as the arrays entire cumulative output every day of the year, in five minute increments, so you know exactly how much energy your solar power system is generating at any given time.

If its quality, great customers service and a low cost right now custom built energy management solution with solar that delivers “AS ADVERTISED” savings and efficiency that you need, call Attune RTD.

You’ll find bigger companies, but you wont find a better company for your solar power needs in Palm Springs.

Rebate programs and incentives are available now, call today!

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