Use Energy Intelligently, Harness The Power Of The Sun

Demand Response

Attune RTD Designs and develops robust demand response technologies with cloud based tools.  Our solutions can be built to provide real time energy auditing based on actual as well as historical operating conditions providing for a proactive response as opposed to being reactive.

Smart Grid Tools

Building solutions and technologies that offer smart energy consumption by monitoring and intelligently controlling loads.  Our smart grid enabled technology can allow structures to interact dynamically with the grid based on real time pricing, demand events or other environmental conditions.

Peak Rate Pricing

We design robust solutions to intelligently keep you out of high peak rate utility pricing.  Our BrioWave technology is engineered to seamlessly integrate with solar systems to modify energy consumption based on output, providing customers with proven whole home savings of up to 43%!

Our Energy Management Systems can increase the value of your home in Palm Springs!

Our Solar Power System solutions are engineered and built to harness the power of the sun, avoid the high costs associated with “Tiered” and “Time of Use” utility rate pricing and reduce your electricity bill by creating your own electricity and using energy smarter 365 days of the year.

Because you own an Attune RTD installed Solar Power System, you get the state rebate, you get to depreciate the cost of the system over its useful life, you get the savings every day of the year, and you may qualify for the Federal Modified Cost Accelerated Recovery Program (MACRS) that allows you to depreciate 50% of the cost of your system in year one!

Attune RTD is the leader in Palm Springs for Energy Management & Solar Power Solutions.  Attune RTD engineers and installs low cost, energy management systems that do just that, save money, create electricity and use energy more intelligently. 

Attune RTD has been part of the Palm Springs, CA community since 2007.  We have a unique understanding of the harsh desert environment and our solutions are built tough!  Our BrioWave pool & BrioWEMS well technology is “CSA” certified and has been saving consumers as much as 42% off their entire home electricity bill since 2011 when paired with “Time of Use” utility rate plans.  BrioWave technology can potentially pay for itself in one year!

Attune’s proprietary BrioWave and BrioWEMS technology delivers day after day energy management and savings independently, or can be paired with a Solar Power System installed by us to enhance your savings and energy management dramatically!  We package our proprietary BrioWave technology with the best brand name recognized Solar Power Panels produced by best in class manufacturers with best in business warranties available.

Every Attune RTD installed Solar Power System comes standard with its own virtual dashboard in the cloud that reports each solar panels output independently, as well as the arrays entire cumulative output every day of the year, in five minute increments, so you know exactly how much energy your solar power system is generating at any given time.

We place our relationships with people above profits and our reputation before revenue.  These core values define Attune’s interdependence in relationships with others and another reason why you should choose to do business with Attune RTD.

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